About Us

We are a team of techies at Techolla, who do their best to provide the latest tech news with daily updates. “Techolla.com”, from the name it’s clear that we crave for tech and the website is a great platform for sharing and knowing latest tech updates from day to day lives.
Getting tech updates on a daily basis is never easy but we make it easy as our motive to make our readers aware of the new things and new technologies which are launching. In the current era of modernization all the manufacturers always tend towards futuristic devices and by taking its benefit there are many spammers who spread fake news about many devices and that’s where “Techolla.com” plays an important role as we try our best to cover almost every single news and also to make it 100% real and true.
As being a tech website we also do device and smartphone reviews as any new launch of any smartphone is also news and we want our readers to get the best information about newly launched devices.

Why is Techolla Different?

So, what’s new about us? What makes us different from other tech news websites? What is new and different than we do?
These are some basic questions which our readers will get in their mind and the answer is that we give 100% guarantee of honesty to any news, we don’t copy the news from any website and the content that we provide to our readers are 100% true.
“Techolla.com” is not just a tech website but actually a platform of great news on which the readers can believe and trust.
Also, the pattern that we follow to update any news is different from others as we focus mainly on originality of the content and number of words doesn’t matter for us.
Some news and review can sum up in just 300 words whereas some will reach till 1200 words. We try our best to give as much information possible in the least possible words so that our readers don’t get bored.
Our Motive
The motive is quite simple, we have made certain guidelines and the motive is to follow those guidelines. The first and most important guideline is to deliver best and true content to the readers. We don’t want our readers to know any news which is actually unreal.
Secondly, we tend to provide only original content with an honest review of any devices. We only want our readers to know exact specifications of any device, the raw and original about any product.
Our aim to become a kind of website on which our readers trust, we don’t crave for more traffic and more income but we crave for great relations with our readers. A small number of readers who trust in our work will be much better than millions of readers who don’t believe in us.
The best thing that we can explain about our self and our motive is that we are one who believes in our self, we trust our work and we give our best to provide the best possible result. We crave for good relations rather than just one time visit. Cheers!!
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