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Apple can launch Airpods Pro in end of October with Noise Canceling feature

Apple Airpods Pro may arrive at the end of this month

Apple is working from 2018 over launching Airpods Pro, the company earlier announced that new earphones will launch in 2019 and later the launch time was rescheduled for 2020.

The latest rumors and leaks give us a little hint that Airpods Pro can be launched by Apple at the end of October as there can be a grand event from Apple.

The news was leaked over China Economic Daily Reports and some other leak exposing websites but none of them claim this news and this doesn’t look like too real.

If the company is planning for an event at the end of October than there must have some announcements regarding it as no event can be held without potential audiences.

Apart from the surety, the Airpods Pro seems to be launch with a new design for sure and a new noise-canceling feature that will be manually activated by the user.

Just after the news leak, SlashLeaks posted some images on its twitter handle and claimed that this is new Airpods by Apple which will be working over iOS 13.2 Beta versions. This news looks much real than the launch date as there were some other rumors as well about the upcoming iOS 13.2 based Airpods.

Airpods Pro

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Tough Competition for Airpods Pro

To be very honest this is not a good time for Apple to launch their new generation Airpods as at the end of this year there are many other manufacturers who are planning to launch their noise-canceling earphones and many of them hold good potential which can give Airpods Pro a tough competition.

At the pricing of $260, Airpods Pro likely looks expensive compared to the other upcoming earphones and Apple is always known for overpricing for products.

Top competitors include upcoming Amazon Eco Buds priced at $129, upcoming earphones from Bose based over noise cancelation technology too, Microsoft’s Surface earbuds priced at $245 and followed by Google Pixel Buds of second-generation with a price tag of $179.

It will be really difficult for Apple to compete with these brands with having highest pricing and somewhere if the company launched the earphones at end of this year than the sales are likely to be comprised among them all and Apple will face the highest loss comparing to them.

Yes, Apple is known for its great build quality but there are other manufacturers that will offer almost near to Apple quality in a way cheaper price which may harm sales of Apple.

Apple Airpods with a price tag of $260 looks a bit overpriced and there will be a tough situation for price justification for these earphones while having huge competitions.

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