All New Fingerprint Authentication Introduced in Whatsapp on Android Beta Version

Whatsapp has introduced its all new update which is about the new fingerprint unlock feature in Beta version of Android app. The result proves that the company was working for long time and finally come up with the new update.
The new feature will help the consumers to secure their whatsapp and private chats with more security. But the feature has been only announced as whatsapp has not released t yet, it will be released soon.
After the launch of Android Q Beta version this is the biggest update by any application or any industry and it’s good to see the innovation and new features coming in the futuristic world.

How to use Fingerprint Lock on Whatsapp

It’s really use to configure your fingerprint in the application; there are just few steps which are required to follow. To enable the all new fingerprint authentication feature just follow these steps settings>Account>Privacy>Use Fingerprint to unlock.
After that whatsapp will pop up with new option regarding the time duration you want whatsapp to be locked after, like 1 minute|10 minutes | 30 minutes. Just choose the time duration and the duration will be set.
After that whatsapp will ask you to place your finger on the bio-matrix and register your fingerprint that you want to use while unlocking and then you can enjoy the new feature of whatsapp fingerprint authentication on Android Beta version.
After all the changes your whatsapp is good to go and you can enjoy the new update without any problem, now whatsapp will also be unlocked just like the smartphones are unlocked via finger print in just a blink of eyes.

Benefits of New Fingerprint Update

The most important benefit of having the new update is that this will help the users to improve their security and their chats will be more secured. This new update can be very useful as we have seen some privacy cases in whatsapp.
Apart from security reasons, the new update also seems to be innovative as the new whatsapp update comes with some changes in deigns which look good.
Android Q comes, the new update of Android on smartphones comes with overwhelming update of new whatsapp and best part about the new update is that whatsapp is one of most used applications around the globe and with the new security update whatsapp becomes even better

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