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Amazon introduces Amazon music to Apple TV

Apple TV to have Amazon music now

The finest news of the month, two big companies and big rivals have finally come together to support each other’s TV and streaming platform and Amazon music will be available on Apple TV now.

Apple’s streaming services which are releasing on November 1st is said to be a tough competition for Amazon Prime and Netflix, making Amazon and Apple great rivals now.

But yesterday morning the company made an announcement regarding the arrival of Amazon Music on Apple TV which will be released on both the options Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD.

This announcement is an example which states that all the tensions between these two big companies are over and they will be supporting each other in streaming services. Although Amazon sells many Apple products but Apple jumping into streaming services was the reason for conflict between these two.

Amazon music in Apple TV

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With the integration of Amazon music in Apple TV, users will find access to a large variety of music and playlists and this can be a reason for the sales boost up of Apple TV as Amazon music or TV stick is great selling product.

Previously Siri was integrated with Spotify and we have covered that news, after this integration we were expecting that Spotify will be playing an important role in Apple but after the announcement of Amazon, music things are looking very different now.

The users of Apple TV will be able to create their own playlist and they can search music from the name of artists or albums and all the purchased and imported music will be also available says Amazon on the announcement.

In 2018, Amazon expanded the inventory of Apple devices and made many iPads and other Apple devices available on the e-commerce platform and a free iOS application of Amazon music was launched with means both the companies planned this thing way before.

Now the biggest question that how users will be able to enjoy Amazon prime as Apple’s own TV streaming services is starting next month. On which Apple said that they will add a cross-platform panel which will allow users to switch from Amazon prime to Apple TV+.

Spotify integration with Siri and Amazon music arrival in Apple TV, there are more drams left in the industry.

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