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Apple Maps updated with better features but stills lacks to be Google Map

Apple Maps are better but still behind Google Maps in Race

The latest update of Apple Maps has given better quality in terms of audio and navigation but there is still a long way to travel.

Google Maps are ruling the industry of navigation for a very long time and Apple Maps has to put more effort to compete with it.

Although Apple Maps is in a state of being the second option and an alternative to Google maps but still there is a long way to go.

There are many features that look better than Google Maps like instead of saying turn right from 1000 meters, Siri tells you to take a right from next light which sounds simpler.

With many unique specifications it looks like that sooner or later Apple Maps will capture the target of becoming a better navigation system then Google.

A better screen that gives better visuals, Siri is leading the industry of voice assistant just like the Google Maps are leading navigation industry. But Apple Maps comes with the integration of Siri which makes it a better option.

Understanding voice commands and implementing them correctly is also an important part of navigation and Google Voice Assistant lacks somewhere in that. You can use Google Maps after tying down the things as sometimes Google Assistant grabs some other words.

And Siri by Apple is way better in understanding the words and implementing them which gives Apple Maps an extra point.

Apple Maps

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Factor of Privacy

According to Apple, the navigation system doesn’t get into the personal life and stores it as the company respects the privacy of the users.

Apple Maps do store some previous trips and routes but that particular thing is stored just on the phone, it is not uploaded in the cloud which makes navigation system better in terms of privacy than Google.

If you just visited Starbucks and after minutes if you see Starbucks add in your Android phone than its no big deal as Google does store visits of places and websites to show you adds accordingly which is a threat to privacy.

Apple played the game here by keeping the stored data just into the smartphone and not into the cloud which will make users feel more safe and comfortable.

Apple Maps are more accurate now, after years of development the company claims that their navigation system can lead to exact and right places, can guide you to when and when not cross a road and the correct pedestrian location.

With the new IOS 13 update, there are many new things in Apple Maps that still needs to be discovered.

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