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ASUS ROG 2, the gaming beast is overpriced?

ASUS ROG 2, the powerful Beast is here but overpriced?

ASUS ROG 2 which is the predecessor of ROG 1 comes with a really heavy configuration but coast around $899 and the additional accessories which are made for this phone only come at $1,100.

It’s not difficult to find heavy smartphones that support almost every heavy game available in Google play store at a very basic price range around $600 and in that case ASUS ROG 2 is an overpriced smartphone.

The just-launched smartphone comes with 12 GB of heavy RAM and many other fast processing components which will give users a different level of experience while playing heavy games.

The most shocking part about ASUS ROG 2 is there are many accessories that have specially made and designed for this smartphone, which works great after integrating them with the devices that come at heavy additional coast.

There are many people which are found of heavy games but the overall price coast will help in making a customized gaming PC, yes smartphones cannot be compared with PC’s but the kinds of configuration ROG 2 is offering in the price this price range forces us to do so.

ASUS ROG 2 comes with incredible power and gorgeous display with OLED and 120Hz of refresh rate but the overall design and look of this smartphone doesn’t looks much attractive and appealing which left the smartphone with a very low average rating of just 6.1.

Also, ROG 2 looks very bulky and huge which drifts it out to league of comfortable smartphones with adds on in your personality while going somewhere. In short words, ROG 2 can be only used to play games while sitting in your home. It’s really difficult to carry and handle the smartphone as this is heavier and bulkier compared to others.

ASUS ROG 2 accessories

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Apart from demerits, ASUS ROG 2 offered multiple USB-C ports which give an additional positive point. Users can charge and connect their ROG 2 in multiple angles which allows them to use and connect the smartphones while charging also.

We miss some accessories like shooting buttons which should have given by the company in the same price range. If the manufactures would have offered some additional accessories in the same price range than ROG 2 would have been a price justified smartphone but sadly it’s not.

There is no doubt that ASUS ROG 2 has a lot of potentials and this smartphone can do a lot more than other smartphones but to open is complete potential you have to spend a lot of money too.

ROG 2 is one of the fastest smartphones and there is a slowdown for this smartphone, users can use and install any heavy application and games and you can see instant results of its heavy hardware.

The first word that comes after lifting the smartphone is, “It’s heavy” because we all have a habit to use slim and light smartphones as smartphones have become an important part of our lifestyles. In that case, ROG 2 becomes a heavy option.

This Beast comes with snapdragon 855 Plus Processor, 12 GB of RAM and speedy UFS 3.0 Storage, there is no slowdown for ASUS ROG 2

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