Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference dates

Build Developer Conference of Microsoft’s dates revealed

One of biggest event of developers and coders, Build Developer Conference dates have been finally revealed by Microsoft. The event will start on May 19th, 2020 and will last till May 21st, 2020.

The official announcement of Build Developer Conference was made by Microsoft yesterday, the organizers didn’t say anything about the availability of tickets by the sources are saying that tickets for sale will go live after the arrival of next year. Microsoft does have a mailing list for general issues on which you can mail and avail all the important information about the upcoming event.

Build Developer conference is one of the biggest conferences for developers and coders around the globe, Microsoft annually organizes these kinds of events to share the new road maps of success and what are new evolved things which are helping in doing something new in the field of development.

Microsoft is one of the oldest industry which started from core and development played a very important role in that and these kinds of events help the industry to share new innovations like a new updated version of the chip, laptops, voice assistants and many more.

The company is also organizing an event on October which will be Surface Event of Microsoft and many new updates about the company products will be reveled and build will also include updates over the things announced on its Surface event in October.

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Image of upcoming Build Developer conference by Microsoft

Highlights of the Event

There many highlighted things on which the company is going to focus, after launching its voice assistance named “Cortana”, the manufacturers are continually improving the features and quality as Siri of Apple and Google Assistance has already established themselves in the industry of Voice Assistance and Cortana was launched very late.

Cortana will be the highlight of the event as after the announcement of event there will many leaks about the expected products from Microsoft and those leaks will eventually help the company in making the hype.

“Edge Browser” which was announced by Microsoft very early is going to be the main highlight for sure as this will be the upcoming Edge Browser will be completing will Google and Google is on the height of success. But the company can drift the users towards them by offering many things and those things will be highlighted and revealed in the event.

Special appearance of Microsoft products, there are many products of Microsoft in the market which are not doing that good and in this case, Microsoft will surely come up with some new products in the market.

Highlights over developers, as the event is based on development than we can expect some sort of announcement related to the development field.

Almost all strategy of Microsoft seems to give tough competition to the Google and when these two great and established companies will go head to head then there will be many things that users will enjoy apart from controversies. There will be many new tools, new browser and many other things that will be launched via both the companies in order to give competition.

We will update about the tickets and other important information about the event as soon they will be announced, till then stay updated.

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