Call of Duty break all records with 100 million downloads after launch event

Call of Duty achieved 100 million downloads becoming the biggest mobile game launch ever

Just after its launch, Call of Duty has gained many limelights and no one had ever imagined that the game is going to receive this kind of response.

Call of Duty is haven’t launched in China yet which says that there are many records still left to be broken.

This game has left many other games behind in terms of most downloads just after the game launch.

Call of Duty is a highly preferable game while playing in PCs and other gaming consoles and all the gamers were waiting for its mobile version desperately.

PubG drifted many gamers from PC to mobile as the game was highly interesting and was easy to play despite having a normal version and this made Call of Duty to launch lighter phone versions.

The game looks very similar and familiar to PubG but the motive, modes, and maps are very different making the game a new interesting factor that can attract mobile gamers.

The download record of the game which has touched 100 million download figures is way more than PubG mobile and Fortnite mobile. PubG had 28 million downloads and Fortnite had 22.5 million downloads after its launch event but Call of Duty has done something out of the league.

Call of Duty

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About Call of Duty

The first thing, this game is very different from PubG mobile and Fortnite, in this game players have to compete with other teams and complete a mission, despite just killing and becoming first.

There are different yet similar weapons as the weapons are inspired from real life. There are not unrealistic modes and weapons which will make you think that this is impossible.

The modes of this game are very different and control also seems to a bit different but with some practice, you can get a good hand over it.

Call of Duty is not a straight and direct competition PubG as this game has been made by Tencent’s TiMi studio which is also in China and hence you will find some similarities between both the games.

But still, this game will drift some gamers from PubG mobile as it’s been a long time that players hadn’t played anything different from PubG.

The mark of 100 million downloads has been achieved without covering China (The country with the highest population) and Call of Duty has already earned good revenue from iOS downloading in the USA.

It’s not fair to compare Call of Duty with PubG but this game is going to give very tough competition to vintage games.

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