Samsung’s Chromebook 4 launched with USB type-C charging at $229

Samsung’s New Chromebook 4 comes with USB Type C charging and new design

It’s nearly been four years after the launch of Chromebook 3 and here is an updated version of its Chromebook 4 which has been launched and announced by Samsung today.

Chromebook 4 comes with an 11.6-inch display and many new welcoming things like Type-C USB charging which is faster and more efficient.

Samsung has priced Chromebook 4 at $229.99 which comes with a fast charger and all other accessories in the box.

The best thing is new Type-C USB cable is not just used for fast charging but the cable can also be used for fast data transfer at 5GB/s which is really fast.

Also, the C-Type data cable will be compatible be 4K HD monitors which can be attached with the Chromebook and users can operate it to a bigger screen.

The gadget comes with its updated version Chromebook 4 Plus which comes with a large 15.6-inch display priced at $299.99.

There are many major differences between these two including screen and other configurations. Chromebook 4 plus is just a more updated version and comes with heavier configurations.

The surprising factor between these two Chromebook is Samsung has placed the same 39W battery in both of them instead of giving Chromebook 4 plus an up-gradation.

The first one gives a battery backup of 12.5 hours as this comes with a smaller screen and the second one delivers 10.5 hours of battery backup as both the gadgets come with the same amount of battery.

Chromebook 4

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Highlights over Chromebook 4 and Chromebook 4 Plus

The biggest highlight is, of course, the new C-Type charging which is faster and gives fast charging ability to both the models. Also, a new C-Type cable allows for fast data transfer which is again a great factor for judgment.

There are major configurational differences in both the devices like different RAM, first, one comes with 4 GB of RAM and advanced one with 6 GB both DDR4.

Storage has been given of 32 GB and 64 GB MMC with fast working Intel Celeron n4000 processors.

Both devices will have 30W of USB Type-C charging adaptor and single Type-A headphones and microphone jack will be given in box of Chromebook brothers.

Both devices also have a similar screen resolution of 1366 x 768 but Chromebook 4 plus offers a 1080p HD display screen.

We are surprised that none of them have a touch screen display and it looks like Samsung has not made many changes in the updated versions of Chromebooks.

Both the devices can be purchased at a mentioned price from of best buy.

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