Dell XPS 13 now available with Six Core-Processors

Buy Dell XPS 13 with a six-core processor and 13-inch at $999

Dell XPS 13 was launched with Intel’s 10th generation Core –processors but Dell made an up gradation in that with offering with a six-core processor with the same screen and at price cost of $999.

With these six-core processors, users can expect a boost to the performance as this six-core processor will surely work faster and better than four core-processors.

The best part about the news is users can buy Dell XPS 13 with a six-core processor from now onwards.

It’s a great thing to see many manufacturers trying to provide the best configuration and Dell has made it possible in just a price range of triple nine which is cheaper than Apple and many other manufacturers offering these configurations.

Till now Apple is the flagship manufacturer that offers six-core processors and eight-core processors in Macbook range and it’s good to watch other brands like Dell providing these specifications in limited pricing.

Dell XPS 13 will be easier and faster to use, these six core-processor will definitely help in improving the performance of the laptop. Multitasking on this lappy will be easier and faster although applications need to be kept in an optimized state to avail the fastest speed of the laptop.

Intel’s Comet Lake 10th gen CPU is also a great integration to the laptop as this is one of the latest and fastest chips in the market.

Dell XPS 13

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The new updated version of this laptop has offered similar specifications to its predecessor and hence offering 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB of DDR3 Dual-Channel RAM with a big 13.3-inch display and a webcam on top of the screen.

One thing is obvious that 16 GB variant will work fastest as this will be the best combination with six core-processors.

Dell XPS 13 looks very thin and in design, it is very much similar to Macbook Air, lightweight with heavy configuration which makes the laptop a tough competition for other brands.

Instead, of picking up Apple Macbook Air users can definitely consider Dell XPS if you’re looking for great performing laptop unless you look for “Apple Branding”.

The laptop is available in three variants of 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB and the company offers three different colors too, White, Black, and Grey, which makes Dell XPS 13 very option able product.

The most important point in favor of Dell is that this laptop does price justification better than Apple Macbook. And yes we all know that Apple has “A” bionic chipset and has way better brand value than Dell. But the buyers who cannot afford Macbook can look for Dell XPS 13 as the second option.

All the colors and variants of Dell XPS 13 are available online with six core-processors at the coast of $999

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