Samsung Galaxy S10 going to have DeX support and Note 10 camera features

DeX Support and Note 10 inspired camera features in Samsung Galaxy S10

Finally, there is something new in Samsung Galaxy S10 or we can something which has been taken from its big brother.

Earlier Galaxy Note 10 made a mark in the industry with all new DeX mode which lets the users to get connected with Desktop and operate the Desktop with your Note 10. Also, the new camera features with dual camera lenses were mesmerizing.

Now, the company is trying to gain the lost legacy of Samsung Galaxy S10 with adding these features which helped Note 10 to stand out of the league.

The good news is that these features will not just be added in new phones but the users who already have Samsung Galaxy S10 will enjoy these new features with the new upcoming update.

In some regions, the update has already been initiated and users are enjoying new advanced connectivity options and blur camera effects like Note 10 has.

New update in Galaxy S10 will focus on DeX mode which is PC connectivity with a smartphone, live focus, blur effects in pictures and live videos and all the advanced camera features which Note 10 has.

Samsung comes up with DeX feature from Note 10 and instantly it was praised and appreciated as this was a really advanced and easy solution for connectivity of PC with smartphones. We are in an era where smartphones were running which a pase to overtake computers and laptops and DeX feature is the feature which can be a catalyst.

New camera features in Samsung Galaxy S10

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What’s new in the upcoming update?

According to the sources, Samsung will be adding almost all possible features which made Note 10 a successful smartphone and in the era of iPhone this can be trump card from Samsung to attract some users and customers.

DeX feature is the main highlight of the upcoming update and many are excited about it, customers who are already using S10 will too enjoy this feature.

The camera is the backbone of any smartphone and Note 10 is rated as one of the best smartphone cameras as it was loaded with some cool features like live focus and blur in a live video which is insane and hence Samsung planned to add up the feature in Galaxy S10 as well.

But this new update will also affect the sales of Samsung Note 10 but it will also divert customer to S10. Overall, this new update will help Samsung in being alive.

New DeX mode can be very useful for many users as you will enjoy feel on Note 10 in Galaxy S10.


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