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Disney+ gives a rewind of Childhood with 3 hours trailer

Hold your breath for Disney+; three-hour trailer says it all

There are just a few days left for Disney+ streaming shows and the company has released a three-hour-long trailer which made emotional to every ’80s and 90’s kids.

The three-hour-long trailer looks like a long recap which is starting from the first shows of Disney which made us laugh and entertained our childhood.

The trailer starts from first shows of Disney+ and ends at the shows that streaming service is going to have, this was one of the best promotion of any new arrival this year as the whole story looked like a recap our childhood memories.

The company again proved that why and how Disney was an important part of our childhoods, there are almost thousands of shows which we all used to see for hours and the company is coming up its own streaming services soon.

The motive of this long trailer was to convey a message to every watcher that Disney is not going to leave its vintage shows and each and every show will have been shown in trailer will be featured in the streaming service.

The attempt was very similar to Netflix as Netflix also releases video clips over YouTube describing the shows that they are going to add by those clips by Netflix are way smaller and Disney just put everything in the trailer making it 3 hours and 28 minutes long.

All about Disney+ Trailer


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There are some merits and demerits of this long trailer, the biggest demerit is that this is very long, even longer than movies which Disney made which will leave many viewers to not watch and the biggest merit is the views are continually increasing and the one who will watch the complete trailer is definitely going to subscribe to Disney+ TV streaming service.

Each show had a clip of 15 to 20 seconds which will be featured in the streaming services and there are many familiar and unfamiliar appearances of shows in the trailer.

Some highlighted clip was from Alice from wonderland, Iron Man, The Lion King, Miracle on 34th street and many more which will fill the news with a hundred words.

CEO of Disney, Bob Iger said that it’s really important to add our old shows as this what we became what we are and we are not going to forget some great shows like Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story, The Little Mermaid and many more. This is what we are meant for and this will be continued in out TV streaming service too.

The wait is nearly going to over, Disney+ is launching on 12th of November with a price tag of $6.66 per month.

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