Frequently Asked Questions

  • From where do you get news and are they reliable and true?

There are multiple sources of our news varying from the internet to our personal contacts. Not news is 100% true and reliable as sometimes the news spreading widely can be just a rumor but take care of things and try our best to provide only reliable news.

  • How can we believe that you guys write true news about any product or company?

We follow live events and product launch, we just not only publish confirmed news but we also publish rumors and upcoming products. And we have direct contacts with many reliable news agencies and companies also which provide high surety of truthiness of news.

  • What is your team number and how many employees do you have?

We are a team to reporters, content writers, editors, and SEO managers we don’t only handle Techolla.com but we have multiple websites. For this website, there are 9 people working day and night.

  • How can I get daily notifications of our news?

To get daily and regular updates over our website you have to subscribe to our daily newsletter which will help you in getting notifications via email whenever there is an upload from Techolla.com.

  • How can I become a news reporter or writer for you?

We regularly hire new and enthusiastic people in our team and you have to send your C.V with the content on why should we hire you? One of our team members will shortly connect with you.

  • How can I suggest you edit or a correction?

We always welcome any kind of edit or correction to our website and for your suggestions, you can contact us from contact us page and we will definitely get back to you.



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