Fortnite Chapter 2 released after a lot of drama

Fortnite Chapter 2 arrives in style

Genius, the first word that came out of my mouth after watching the promotion style of Fortnite Chapter 2, this game is played by millions around the globe is the game went offline for nearly 48 hours.

There was no official statement by Fortnite about what was happening and the official twitter handle came with a tweet written, the end is near.

The issue started when Fortnite suddenly went offline and the map of Fortnite was swallowed by a black hole and all the players were left with their blank screen and blank minds.

Fortnite animated and the planned whole scenario of removing the map showing a black hole swallowed it and then they made the game live after 48 hours releasing a whole new and different map evolved from the black hole itself.

It looked like for some time that there is some issue going on in the server of Fortnite which they were unable to resolve and hence and then the end is near tweet made the doubt even stronger that there is something big going on but the whole chapter turned different, this was promotional and marketing strategy by Fortnite for their release of Fortnite Chapter 2.

There is no doubt that this is one of the best techniques of update and promotion used by any gaming company till now and this pleasant surprise arrived in style, in a manner no one was expecting and resulted in great success.

Fortnite Chapter 2 map

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What’s new in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Honestly, the whole is new itself, Fortnite has changed multiple things in the update and this seems to be more than just an update, this is re-launching of Fortnite.

After a wait for 48 hours, Fortnite went live on Twitter and shared a live trailer which was started from a black hole and turned into a whole new map.

The new map is the main highlight in Fortnite Chapter 2 as the company has made a bigger map with more water canals and water bodies into it.

Designers have made the new map as a new island and diverted several water bodies into the core of map where all water bodies meet.

New vehicle or we can say Jet Ski has been given which will be playing a very important role in water bodies as players can fire while sitting into the Jet Ski.

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New weapons with better aiming efficiency have been given and players will also enjoy new blaster which will have the capability of destroying whole vehicle and gas stations.

Yes, gas stations in Fortnite Chapter 2 will have the possibility to get blasted and hence gamers can use this as an advantage or disadvantage depending on who is near or far the gas stations.

There was a small part of the game which showed that gamers can get new weapons from lakes and water bodies while fishing. Players just have to make their character fishing into lakes and they will receive new weapons. This has not been confirmed by officials but we can make an after watching the trailer.

After a wait for more 48 hours, this new update looked like a relief for Fortnite lover as they have the happiness of returning of Fortnite despite the new update.

I suggest you visit the official twitter handle of @Fortnite as you will receive a lot of stories and drama about the new update over there.

Visit the official site of Fortnite to download the new Fortnite Chapter for free.

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