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Google Clips are out of industry now

Google will no more sell Google Clips  

This news is officially announced by Google itself that they will no more sell Google Clips and the company has also stopped the production and sales of this product.

This is a sad ending for an innovative product like this as was once ranked in the best innovative gadgets around the globe.

Google Clips was basically a small camera, very small in size with an integrated AI which can capture small videos automatically. The AI used to work with motion sensors and to judge itself that it should be captured or not.

For that Google did many surveys and integrated many scenarios in AI so that the camera could capture the perfect moment in perfect timing.

This product by Google was made to capture beautiful moments that we usually miss in the time duration taken to take out our smartphones and hence this gadget would be placed at a place and this used to capture the moment.

Basically Google aimed towards capturing minor happy moments like the first step of a baby, cute habits of a toddler or things dogs and other pets do while the users are not at home.

In many review blogs and videos, people often complained that this AI-based mini camera sometimes captures unnecessary things which are usually as AI does have some problems in differentiating actual moments of just usual one.

Google Clips

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Reason for taking down Google Clips

The first and most important reason to take down this gadget is the pricing; this product was tagged at the pricing of $249 which looks a bit expensive as this price tag was not justified by the product.

In terms of efficiency and specifications, this mini camera gadget was overpriced as in this price range people can buy a smartphone with good specifications.

Secondly, after many days of usage people found that the AI-based mini camera by Google captured only 10 to 15 actual good clips from 500 which is a bad performance indeed.

And Google can’t do anything to improve efficiency as capturing things is completely based on AI and to make AI work, Google has to implement millions of good clips for example and those good clips are actually good for some and waste for others.

Now, Google Clips cannot differentiate between what clips are important for whom as this is not a customized mini camera.

And hence Google planned to take down this gadget from their list and for now you cannot see Google Clips anywhere, even online stores and platforms have taken down this product.

There was no announcement that Google will come up with updated version of Google Clips or not but this is a sad ending for a product like this.

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