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Google Maps to come up with more efficiency for iOS users

Google Maps going to implement road blockage and traffic slowdowns in iOS

Google Maps are known for one of the best navigation applications which are getting better and better every day.

Earlier the company planned and made changes to locate road blockage and traffic slowdowns which help the users to navigate more efficiently and reach their destination in no time.

The company also came with an update that worked great and helped users to locate blockage and traffic diversions but the update was only for Android.

Apple holds its own navigation application which is known as Apple Maps which also helps the users to navigate route but the iOS-based application by Apple doesn’t work that efficient compared to Google Maps.

By understanding the issue Apple allowed users to download Google Maps and use it as Apple started late in the navigation system industry and as there was no help from Google the company made its own server which started late and still developing.

Apple Maps are developing day by day and users can notice any major changes, we have also cover growing competition between both the navigation systems which you can read here.

The motive of any navigation system is not only to navigate to the route but to locate difficulties and issues which users may find during reaching the location and hence Google came up with an update for Android but somewhere left iOS behind.

Hence now, Google Maps will soon come up with an update for iOS which will locate traffic blockage and traffic slowdowns during the journey.

Google Maps

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Highlights of Google Maps for iOS

In a blog post updated by the company, Google said that an iPhone and iPad user which uses Google Maps will now be able to locate crashes, slowdowns and speed traps during their journey.

And the company is also adding a new button over the screens which will let the users access the latest report and look and any incident and accident happed in his route.

Google didn’t release the news only for iOS but they are aiming for both the platforms for better efficiency to locate construction, lane closures, some objects on-road or disabled vehicles.

The company is just aiming towards more efficiency of their application as sometimes due to some bugs the users reach other destinations which used to be different from the exact location and this issue is decreasing rapidly and sooner there will be no such inefficiency from the application.

The best part about the update is that this will portray almost the exact image of things happing on the roads and the application will also suggest different routes for the comfort of the user.

Google Maps are becoming more efficient day by day and this seems to be a very tough competition for Apple Maps.

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