Google may reveal Pixel 4 5G in next week’s launch event

Google can announce the 5G version of Pixel 4 in next week’s event

Another rumor of most rumored smartphone ever, according to some news from sources there is a rumor that Google is already working on 5G version of Pixel 4 and this is version is in its early stage of testing too.

Most probably in the Pixel launch event of Google next week, the company can launch the 5G version of Pixel 4 and this seems to be highly possible as many other companies have already launched the 5G version and many are working on it.

Till now most of the rumors about this smartphone have come true and this rumor also seems to be getting true.

All the guess and rumors will get its conclusion next week, Tuesday as Google will finally launch Pixel 4 and there can be tough competition between Pixel 4 and iPhone 11.

It’s not clear for now that Pixel 4’s 5G version will be launched, announced or reveled but there must be some hint and some information about the smartphone and everyone will be looking forward to it.

Google Pixel 4

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If Google announced the 5G version next week then it is likely to just be a teaser and the actual launch date for Pixel 4 5G is going to be different.

The main target to launch the smartphone is likely to be in 2020 as there are many good companies that have lined up their 5G smartphones in 2020 and Google wants to compete with Pixel 4 5G with the other companies.

Pixel 4 with 5G will be a great budget smartphone as we can expect the pricing of this smartphone less than $900 which will have great specifications and can compete easily with other smartphones.

There are many things that completely depend on Tuesday’s event of Google and that event will decide the future of Pixel and Google Assistant as the smartphone is likely to launch with some new features of voice assistant which can give a competition to Siri.

We are monitoring the Pixel 4 and launch event from very closely and stay tuned with us for all the pieces of information about the upcoming smartphone and its event.

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