Google Nest Mini to give tough competition to Apple and Amazon

Google Nest Mini is a successful successor of Home Mini

The best part about Google Nest Mini is that there are many noticeable and remarkable improvements which the company did compare to the previous model which was launched in 2017.

There was a large gap from first-ever home assistant launch by Google and the wait seems to be worth it after watching improvements in Nest Mini.

The best improvements that I noticed were voice tone, the company changed the voice and transformed it into a new cunning but the soothing voice which can be noticed even in which you are watching TV or speaking over a phone call.

Another great merit of this home assistant is that it’s small, compact and can be hung over a wall which makes it space-efficient and compact to place.

Also, Google didn’t increase the price tag after shifting from the first model to another and Google Nest Mini has been priced over the same amount Home Mini was $50.

In this price tag, this price loving product by Google is a serious threat and competition to many higher-priced assistants like Apple’s HomePod and Sonos One.

Although Amazon’s third-generation Echo Dot can give a challenging competition to this product but there are its own perks of having these two different home voice assistants.

Google Nest Mini

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Key Specs about Google Nest Mini

This product comes with a surprising element which is, it has great voice when we talk about sound pitch and clearance but the potential efficiency is only captured when this is mounted over the wall and the sounds don’t perform that good when you keep is horizontal on a flat surface.

It looks like the product is made only for hanging over the wall as you have to hang it either you want or not to get its optimum capability.

The backlit volume buttons are helpful and they were meant to be there as this provides some sort of comfort to the users while operating the device.

The only thing that I found missing was a 3.5mm jack which would have made it overall nice product but still, the missing element is accepted.

The device has a very good overall look and its cushion kind of design covered with speakers reflects a good overall appearance which gives the product some extra point for looks.

The company also claims that the device can lower and increase the volume according to the nearby environmental sounds.

Google Nest Mini is available at $50 from the company’s official website.

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