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Google Stadia is not wireless with other gaming station

Google Stadia will not be completely wire-less

After the launch of Google Stadia in the Pixel event, there was much limelight diverted over wire-less gaming remote which is meant to provide good experience.

But this wire-less console will only be wirelessly connected while playing stadia on Chromecast ultra and for other devices, users need to connect a USB-C type cable.

There was a disclaimer written in the Google Stadia box which very tricky explained the matter and there was no announcement by Google in the event regarding this issue.

Later Google confirmed this fact and news that there are certain limitations in using Google Stadia and it looks very difficult for the company now, to compete with other playing remotes and consoles in the market.

This was heartbreaking than shocking as Stadia was made to provide new wireless experience in gaming and switching in other devices without pairing but this would be only done in the Stadia server and Chromecast ultra.

Google Stadia

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Users need to wait long for wire-less connection and device jumping facility of Stadia in other playing stations like PS4 and Xbox.

The controller was initially shown in last year’s march and the company showed us that how Stadia will be jumping from one device to another without being paired with any devices as the controller will be connected over Stadia server over its own Wi-Fi.

But that time the company didn’t tell that this will be only possible over Chromecast ultra and not on PS4 of other gaming stations.

Google is launching its gaming station Chromecast Ultra next month and maybe the company wants users to connect only with its own gaming station so that there can be more customers of Stadia and Chromecast.

This can be a good marketing strategy or bad as either Google is going to receive a large number of users and good appreciation or the company needs to be ready to face losses and criticism. But launching Google Stadia again with wire-less connectivity over other platforms can be a plan B for the company.

For nor Google Stadia has been launched and currently available at the pricing of $130 from online stores from the month of November which is the founder’s edition and we can expect some changes and re-launch in 2020.

Wait for genuine review about the Google Stadia gaming controller as we will be posting the actual review once we receive the controller, stay tuned to

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