Hydrogen One By Red has 50% price cut but still looks expensive

RED’s Hydrogen One has a price downfall of 50% with $645 new tag

If we ever talk about the mistakes of RED or any disaster product by RED then Hydrogen One will be the first on our lips.

The funny thing about the smartphone is after a price cut of 50%, the smartphone still not justifies its pricing and looks like a terrible deal.

There are multiple reasons why the product was unable to do well into the market which we will be discussing in today’s article.

There are many websites that are still selling Hydrogen One in the same price tag as it is not much aware that when and why the company dropped its pricing?

Only some of the websites posted the news about price decrement and there was no official statement by RED about the reason but the main reason we all know, the smartphone was not selling with this price tag and as far we researched Hydrogen One will receive an increment in sales after price decrement also.

Also, the recently launched iPhone 11 captured more limelight and sales comparing to this smartphone and if we talk about comparison then iPhone 11 is way better than this smartphone in terms of the camera also which is the main highlight of Hydrogen One.

Hydrogen One

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Reasons for Downfall of Hydrogen One

There are many reasons for the downfall of this product but the main reason according to me is the wrong attempt from the company.

RED is a well-known brand for camera and accessories and if they will launch a camera with a price tag of $10000, they are going to receive good sales as they have established the trust and brand value for Cameras.

But while jumping into a whole different industry like smartphone they should have started with lower pricing as a smartphone are not just known for good cameras, there has to be good performance and a justifying price tag.

RED jumped into the ocean of smartphones with higher pricing and less trust in smartphones which resulted in huge failure.

Another reason was continued delay in the launch of this smartphone which resulted in a launch with a lower and outdated processor.

Lastly, RED is known from great camera quality and video recording but a smartphone cannot be sold only on the basis of a camera if users only want to capture things they will buy a camera, not a smartphone.

Also, the camera quality didn’t result in expected efficiency and there were many other alternatives with better camera quality in lower pricing. RED found some difficulties in making their camera technology compact.

Titanium version of Hydrogen One also has a downfall in pricing and users can buy it with a price tag of $895.

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