Amazon Kindle Kids edition launched starting from $110

Amazon launched Kindle Kids edition

Amazon is called world’s number one company for a valid reason, apart from most revenue the best thing about the company is their audience targeting, Kindle Kids edition is specially designed for kids to read things.

By this step, the company will attract kids and their parents to it as Kindle is an innovative device that was launched 4 years back by Amazon.

Now Kindle Kids edition is launched by Amazon which will have some stories and knowledgeable books that are meant for kids.

Kids are going to learn many things from it and also being able to stick something good like this gadget.

The device will come with a one-year free subscription for now but the company has not given any details about the plans as they want to look at the sales first and that will help them in deciding the price.

Kindle Kids edition is priced at $110 which comes with a case and many other useful accessories like a two-year free replacement guarantee and the secondary option with just the gadget comes at just $70.

With just some basic pricing the Amazon has initiated something really good which can turn out to be profit increasing factors for them.

Amazon Kindle Kids

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Highlights of Kindle Kids edition

Amazon has made its innovative device really interesting for kids by providing attractive features, especially for kids.

On passing specific level and checkpoints, kids will get an achievement title that will be displayed in their profile like Book worm or Over Achiever as kids love to get appreciations.

Amazon has given good reorganization in search fields as kids can easily find the names of books even after misspelled words typed with some minor corrections and recommendations.

There is an in-built dictionary that will help the kids to understand any word of to get any definitions that will help the kids to keep going and continuing their reading without any interruptions and this is indeed a useful and helpful feature for kids.

Kindle Kids also get attractive and wonderful sets of wallpapers especially made and designed for kids as the device is completely made for kids by keeping all the loving things of kids in mind.

To get Amazon Kindle Kids edition you can pre-order it as the shipping will be starting from the 30th of October.

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