Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard of Logitech launched with swap keys

Logitech’s new Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard lets you swap its switches easily

The newly launched gaming keyboard by Logitech has arrived with a unique capability that is swapping the button.

This new keyboard comes with large durability and comes with 92 replacement button sets priced at $49.99.

The reason to offer extra key is that any gaming keyboard is used very roughly for gaming purposes and hence the keyboard is required to be highly durable but Logitech has offered replacement keys with durability which is a good call.

Logitech’s new Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard allows you to switch and swap out without desoldering them. According to the latest reviews and news over this keyboard, users can remove the buttons with just a plastic tool.

Logitech swappable buttons

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Now the question which arises here is if the buttons can be taken out so easily then what will happen while playing a crucial game and the buttons suddenly pops out. The good part is these kinds of things are not possible as the plastic tool is used to put the pressure at the special place of the button which unlocks it.

Having the ability to change the switches is a great thing as you just have to buy a new pack of switches if you want to experience something new or looking for a change and you don’t have to buy an entirely new keyboard for it as you can just swap the buttons.

Although swappable keys are not only highlighting of the keyboard, the new gaming keyboard is highly durable and look bulky.

Logitech tenkeyless design

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Design of Logitech Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • It comes with random RBG and background colors which can be controlled and customized from the settings menu which can be accessed once you have connected the keyboard with your system or PC.
  • Soft and refluxing buttons which allows the gamers for quick reflex while playing any game. Every game requires quick reflex and fast reaction and users put in their reflex and reaction via hardware like mouse and keyboard and Pro X works really fast.
  • Designed with pros and expertise, according to the news while designing Pro X Logitech considered many suggestions and options by many pro gamers and hence gave the title to the keyboard as “Designed with Pros”.
  • It’s a new tenkeyless design that has decreased the total number of keys in a keyboard making it more spacious and elegant.
  • The keyboard has been specially designed for gaming purposes and keeping these things in mind makers have made it spacious and placed enough space between buttons so that gamers can easily switch between buttons making the keyboard more practical and idol to use.

Users will have three different models of swappable keys named GX Clicky, Linear and Tactile which is coast at $149 and Logitech is also offering Non-Pro X which will coast you around $129.

Right now it’s only available with Clicky switches but both the models will be available in late October

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