Marvel Avengers Game is more than just a game Pre-book for early beta version.

Marvel Avengers Game releasing on May 15, 2020, looks more than just a game

Marvels have taken their upcoming Marvel Avengers Game to just next level, the game trailer and prologue looks like a complete movie, a movie that you can control.

Marvel Studios have always known for their great story plots and interconnecting characters and the same excellence can be noticed in the upcoming Avengers game.

The best part about the upcoming game is that the story has been designed over a fan base that visits Avenger A day and with some accidents gets some special ability and powers.

The story of Marvel Avengers Game starts from A day event which is thank giving event to all superheroes and at the same event place there is an attack which leads to huge destruction and fan which is going to be main character called Ms. Marvel, AKA Kamala Khan receives some special ability of modifying and stretching her body too far extent.

Marvel Avengers Game

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There is a lot of action in the first line up of the story and users will get a chance to fight with villains portraying all main characters of Avengers including Iron Man and Captain America.

The fight scenes looked very realistic with great moves and great graphics which will give a real experience of making the dream come true.

Almost every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has the desire to be a part of Avengers which is an impossible thing because Avengers is just a Fiction but Marvels have given a chance to all the fans by living and feeling the experience through Marvel Avengers Game.

Interesting story plot of Marvel Avengers Game

The story revolves around the character Ms. Marvel who is a fan of Marvel Avengers and accidentally collects the superpower.

After that huge destructing incident many questions are being raised over the efficiency of Avengers which leads to the separation of all the Avengers like Civil war.

Marvel Avengers Game gameplay

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And the fan AKA Kamala Khan will be the character who is going to reunite all the Avengers and will be a new member of the team of Avengers too.

After the death of Tony Stark or Iron Man, there are many doubts and questions about the future of Avengers and Marvels has tried to answer the questions by introducing a new young character for which Marvels are planning for six years.

After Captain America stepping down from the legacy, we expect many young Characters to take over Avengers and Ms. Marvel will be one of them.

You can watch the gameplay trailer on the Marvels Youtube channel.

Users can pre-book the game which will be released in 2020 and they will get early access to the beta version of Marvels Avengers Game.

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