Meet the Team of

Our Team is not just a website, its a family of authors, developers and many experts from different fields. We together work hard and try to deliver best and legit tech news which can add value to your knowledge and awareness.

The team is divided into three different parts, the backend who take care of all the thinge getting into the backend of website and office.

Then we have frontend who hold the responsibility of visuals and design of the website which is shown to our readers and visitors.

Lastly, we have authors who play the most important role in our team as the website is known for tech news and authors give their best in finding news and then they write them with the best possible quality.


In backend we have Lawrence and Otilia, they both are web developers and they are the ones who prepared the core bench of the website over which we are building a huge platform.

It is always important for any organization to have a backend team as they hold much big responsibility and they have the highest workload.

Our Backend team is responsible for faster page loading and smooth arrival for any visitor, the adds shown on the sites are managed by them and they are one who takes care of all the received data to our servers.

They also work for the core strength and ranking of the website, as after writing everything is handled by them, they also handle cookies and all the backend data of the website.

We are too much reliable over them and this all seems to be worth it as everyone in our team is more than just trustworthy.


Whatever you see over the website after visiting is designed by them, in this department, we have Samantha, Tim, and Patrina. They all together form an unbreakable and lovable bond and that love we can see over the designs and physical appearance of the website.

Samantha is the Graphic Designer, Tim is a web designer and Patrina is photoshop and VFX expert.

This was the team who gave Techolla its physical look and logo, all the images that you all over the website is made, shortlisted and edited by this team.

The single line and single partition over the website are allowed and approved by them and they choose which color will be good with which image and content.


All the other departments were founded before starting the website but Authors of Techolla was most difficult to choose us, over any website content is the king and we wanted to start with the good.

After many interviews and almost hundreds of meetings, we found our lovable authors, Elena, Aaron, and Joanne. They all are well educated and hold good experiences in the writing field.

All the content written by the team is posted in a group and after getting 70% approval from all the members of Techolla the news and posted, the reason behind this strategy is that we want audience engaging content, we want our readers to feel good after reading and if the news is not loved the whole team itself then how would it be loved by anyone else.

They write many things and only 30% is approved and that approved is posted over the website, the news that you see over the website is first filtered, examined and then posted.

Team Process

We follow a simple algorithm of three steps-

  1. Authors find the news and write about that after researching.
  2. The news is sent for approval and if approved it is handover to the backend team for posting and all other necessary elements required for engagements.
  3. Lastly, the frontend team makes final edits after inserting customized and edited images with the change in the font (if they felt like changing) and they do all the other necessary physical changes in and then the post is made live.

This process takes around 4 to 5 hours of editing and approval time, all over it looks too easy but this is a very complex process and there have to be immediate engagements from all the co-workers.

In a pressure-free environment, we work under pressure of delivering accuracy and efficiency.

We all here are not just workers and employees but overall we form a team and every one of us have unbreakable bonds with each other which makes the place special.









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