Modern Warfare of Call of Duty to be arrive on 25th of October

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to be hit on 25th of October with the battle pass system

The wait is finally going to over as Call of Duty’s latest game Modern Warfare is going to hit soon and it has been scheduled on the 25th of October.

After a tragic and dramatic launch of Fortnite, gamers are now looking forward to this game to arrive and what changes and new things are going to surprise them will be disclosed soon.

The new thing about this upcoming version of Call of Duty will be the battle pass system which is inspired by Fortnite and PubG.

The battle pass system will be coming with a price tag and users can purchase the pass to access some unique and exclusive characters, costumes, gun skins and many more.

This new feature will also boost the in-game economy of Modern Warfare and this will help the game to generate more revenues.

Previously we have seen Fortnite receiving great economical success just with Royal and Battle passes and this makes no surprise that Modern Warfare is coming up with the same.

Players will buy battle passes at certain amounts and then they will open in-game random boxes which the company named “Loot Boxes”, and those boxes will deliver some gifts like a new dress or gun skin or some extra points.

Modern Warfare

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Survival of Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is a modern gun combat game that is designed for gunfights and interesting missions based on the modern era.

Now the question over the survival of this game arises due to the latest launch of Call of Duty mobile version which received more than 100 million downloads in record time.

Earlier when PubG Mobile was launched the game received millions of downloads and many PC gamers switched over phones as the game was more easy to access and interesting to play.

And this made the developer and makers of PubG focus more on mobile versions which resulted in a random drop in traffic over PubG PC.

And this same scenario can happen for Modern Warfare but this will be an interesting point that how the company is going to tackle the situation.

Also, the new crate opening or loot cart can be a reason for survival for this game and the hype for Call of Duty is high which is also going to be a plus point for this game.

Modern Warfare by Call of Duty will be live on the 25th of October, please follow the official twitter handle of Call of Duty for the latest updates.

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