Huawei is spreading its 5G wings despite of being banned by the US

Huawei apparently making 5G base stations despite US ban

There is no effect of US blacklisting as Huawei is spreading their 5G wings with more speed, the CEO of Huawei said that we are already producing next-gen wireless base station despite being banned by the US and without using their parts.

After the big controversy between US and Huawei a slowdown was expected for the company but just after leading their successful event about Mate 30 and the announcement of 1.5million base stations in 2020 is depicting an image that Huawei is in no mood to stop.

Previously US was a large market for the company and the manufacturers used to have many American parts in the smartphones as many smartphones were manufactured in the US but after a controversy between the US and Huawei, the US state banned the company which damaged the image and revenue of the company.

But Huawei has launched Mate 30 with 5G connectivity is faster than Samsung note 10 5G and the company is also in a mood to make as much 5G base stations possible incoming year 2020 which is a sign that Huawei is not mentally affected with the US back listing.

The biggest harm on the Huawei image was that the Chinese manufacturers use much Chinese equipment which can be used as spying on the US and many other countries but there was not as such proof or any equipment found.  US state banned and blacklisted Huawei just on the basis of doubt of Chinese equipments spying on them.

Huawei 5G

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Changes after US ban

After this incident, it was looking difficult for the company to establish its 5G connectivity but surprisingly Mate 30 has been launched with shocking 5G networks which are really fast and faster than its competitors.

There are major changes in Huawei which have been implemented after the US banned the company, the smartphones of the company no more comes with  American company services or preinstalled apps of US likely older smartphones.

US pressurized other European countries to ban the company too Huawei was luck to not ban by any other company which helped the company to survive in the market.

The newly launched Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro which was launched last week in Germany was also affected in terms of limelight and sales. The US is a big market it’s really hard to survive in the market without such a big populated country.

There is also a piece of random news spreading that Huawei is selling its 5G networking technology with some western buyers which will let the buyers access all the blueprints and all the technology behind its fast 5G.

Huawei has not given any comment of selling its 5G connectivity blueprints for now.

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