Netgear announced their upcoming Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi routers

Netgear going to launch new Orbi mesh Wi-Fi router with more elegant design

We all know that Netgear is mainly known for its interesting design of Wi-Fi routers, despite being flat and many antennas over it, the company likes to make router in square size.

The company is meant for their uniqueness in design as they make routers like square boxes and this is why Netgear Orbi routers are called boxy designs.

Recently Netgear announced that they are going to launch a new router with some more elegant designs. The design looks like a small sitting box with check designed pattern over it but the top is completely flat and this doesn’t look like a router.

Although routers by this company are not much power and performance efficient they do look out of the league and it will hard for anyone visiting your home to recognize it as a Wi-Fi router.

Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh, the most compact product by Netgear is very small as this comes to be only 4.1 inch on a side and 2.4 inches tall which is really tiny.

This device is great for houses that need space elegant products as this router will not occupy much space in your sweet home. You can hang it up over a wall near your system or you can just place it over a table and visitors will wonder about this unique router.

This router is not used by many and if you are fond of having unique products in your home, then this will a perfect match for you.

Netgear upcoming router

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Key specifications of Netgear Orbi Mesh

The new router by the company looks better than their older versions of Orbi tower and other routers with a lot of antennas over them.

The company deeply focused on maintaining the power of the router despite making it smaller than the other versions.

Although this upcoming router will not be that fast and efficient compared to other Orbi routers this will be compact comparing to them and this tiny product is going to win an extra point for its small size.

According to the announcement by Netgear, the upcoming router will have a maximum speed of 400mbps over 2.4 GHz bands which are quite good looking at its size.

And 866mbps over 5 GHz which is great and the router will cover coverage area of around 3000sq feet which seems to be great indeed.

The upcoming router will have two Ethernet ports and you need to connect one port with the modem to get internet connected and then you will just have one port to connect any other device.

If you have a setup in which you require to connect many devices with your Wi-Fi then this will not be a good router for you. This router will be efficient for only wire-less connections.

The good part is that users will be having connection availability of all the voice assistants like Google, Alexa and Siri which will help them in making wire-less relation with the router.

The upcoming routers will be cheaper as little one will cost you $149 and the upgraded version will cost you $229 which seems to be a budget friendly price. Users should definitely consider this product while making your type router list.

There has not been any announcement of release date and please stay tuned with us until we publish launch dates of the upcoming router by Netgear.

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