New map and moving train in Apex Legends season three

Apex Legends season three launched comes with new Map and new moving train mode

Makers of Apex Legends, Respawn made the announcement of their new season three which is coming with a new map and new moving train mode.

The company also released the official trailer of Apex Legends season three and trust me the trailer is looking just killer, there were many highlights in the trailer like new weapons and new characters.

A new mode which focuses on a new destination called world’s edge where a combination has been made of molten heat and chemical ice and that is the location of the fight. Just imagine fighting with new weapons, new characters and destination like molten heat and lava.

The trailer gave plenty of information about the game and we can notice icy and lava-filled battlegrounds and the most interesting part, a moving train has been shown in the trailer. Just before ending the trailer viewers can notice a small fighting segment over the moving train which can be the ending part.

The makers said in an interview that new update and new gameplay will be live tomorrow that is 1st of October. All the new maps and new modes will be available from tomorrow and users can update their games to enjoy the new changes.

Apex Legends new train mode

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New Moving Train in Apex Legends

The main highlight the news is definitely the moving train, with excitement many questions have also being raised like the moving train is completely a different mode or it has been included in the new map itself? Or fighting on moving train can be the end part of the newly arrived map.

Despite all the questions, excitement of playing on a new map with moving train is really high and the trailer released by the makers is getting some really good comments which can explain that makers have been succeeded in making the hype.

The new map is also a question over makers that are they trying to make Apex Legends just like PUBG or Fortnite which has different maps on it or is there any other mindset behind this new map and moving train.

Apex Legends new characters

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There is a large number of gamers who prefer playing PUBG and Fortnite, and launch of Apex Legends was like a change for them which turned out to be a good chance. And if this game will be turned out to be similar like PUBG or Fortnite than there can be an issue for makers.

But with the new world’s edge map and moving train makers are taking the game to a whole new level which is a good sign for the gaming industry.

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