New Voice in Google Voice Assistant

New Voice option in Google Assistant will launch in nine countries

Google recently announced that it will be launching nine new voice options to its Google Assistant feature and news voices will be assigned randomly by the company. This will be the first time that new voice options will be available outside the US.

On installing new Android smartphone, voices will set randomly but users can change the voice later after the setup. This will lead to people gaining mix up voices with some new and some old but they can change the things afterward.

The newly announced voices will be available for Korean, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, French and German. UK and India will also have new English voices which will be launched with the upcoming update of Android.

This is a great step by Google as it plays a very important role in any Android Smartphone and as per the comfort level of the users, having multiple voice options is a great thing.

Google planned for this thing last year and this randomization has been implemented in many parts of the US. Google Nest and other home devices in the US have already been randomized on the basis of new voices.

Although Google has kept this feature limited for now and the US is already enjoying the new feature and soon other countries will also get to take a look over this upcoming feature.

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Why it is a good change?

All the voice assistance systems available in the world have female voices and most users also prefer female sounds as this sounds more humble and soothing but still, there is a gender factor or gender discrimination.

And by breaking all the gender factors and discriminations Google Voice Assistance has come up with new voice options which will have a male voice option.

Right now Google hasn’t given any statement on the gender part and hasn’t named its new voices on gender part but this seems to be great step as breaking all stereotypes based on gender part.

The new voice option by Google will come with a male-sounding by this voice option will not be coming with a male name or male identification.

Instead of naming the voices by a male or female name, Google Voice Assistant will come up with color identifications. All the coming voices will have name over colors breaking all the bars or discrimination and names of colors will decide randomly

UK and India will be the first countries after the US to avail new voice options over Google Assistance.


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