HyperX Pulsefire Dart wireless mouse launched

HyperX Pulsefire Dart launched

The first wireless product by HyperX has been finally launched; the company today launched its wireless gaming mouse naming it Pulsefire dart.

A promotional video with a lot of highlights and key features about HyperX wireless mouse has been uploaded at the official channel of the company.

There was a long wait for this wireless mouse as this was announced way back in 2018 and its glad thing to have a wireless gaming mouse with high reflexes.

Pulsefire dart comes with wireless charging on any Qi chargers and if you own any Qi chargers of your own then you have upper hand over this.

The Qi charging pad which is shipping with this wireless mouse has the capability of charging two devices simultaneously at the power of 10W.

The best part about the wireless mouse is that just after charging it once users will get backup of around 50 hours of usage as claimed by HyperX but the actual duration will be determined after actual usage of it.

Users can change sensitivity and many other things about the mouse just from the setting menu at the desktop which can be accessed once you have connected your mouse with PC.

On and Off button has been placed at the bottom side of the mouse.

HyperX mouse

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Key features of HyperX Dart

  • Wireless charging- HyperX wireless mouse can be charged without any USB charger too. Users can charge Pulsefire dart via QI wireless standard which is shipping with the mouse with additional charges.
  • USB charging- Just in case you are not interested in buying additional QI stand and just want to charge your HyperX mouse with USB cable then you can easily do that too, the manufacturers have given USB charging option and users can use the mouse while charging it via USB.
  • Customized Color- You can decide the color that will be depicting from scroller and side portions of the mouse. There are separate settings options once you connect your mouse with your PC from where you can change and customize the colors.
  • High reflexes- As HyperX Pulsefire Dart is a gaming wireless mouse and any games require high reflexes and Dart comes with really quick and high reflexes.
  • Comfort- The shape of the mouse has been designed for comfort and long-term use, gamers can easily use HyperX wireless for long durations without any cramps or pain in the wrist.

HyperX Pulsefire dart mouse and the Qi charging pad both can be purchased online. The mouse has been priced at $99 and Qi charging pad at $59

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