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Nvidia Shield Android TV streamlining system information leaked via Amazon listing

Nvidia Shield TV Streaming system leaked By Amazon listing

The upcoming Nvidia Shield TV streaming system has some latest leaks way before its launch and the leak comes from early Amazon listing.

Earlier the fact that Nvidia is upgrading its Shield TV hardware was updated by FCC filing and now latest specifications and some images have been leaked due to an Amazon listing which almost gave all crucial information which would have been very important for the company.

The listing gave all the information and images before taken down by Amazon, the design looks a bit familiar with some minor changes in design with a brand new remote which would have been a surprise element from the company’s side.

The best and worst part about the leak was the price tag, there was no such information from company’s side regarding price but the listing cleared it all, the upcoming Nvidia Shield TV streaming system will come up with a price tag of $199.99.

Later there was an official tweet from @android_rumor which posted the images and all crucial specifications which was taken from the listing.

Now the only question which matters is the listing which was made live by Amazon regarding the device was actual and true or this is just a bluff step by the company.

One on the side the listing looks very much original and on another side it looks surprising that how such a crucial thing was made live over Amazon listing.

Nvidia Shield Android TV streamlining system

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Key specifications of Nvidia Shield TV streaming system

The first change that users will notice after looking into the images will be some minor changes over design which some new graphics over it and a brand new remote which will definitely have some new capabilities.

The listing also showed the price tag of $199.99 which is a bit higher than the previous version but also looks a decent and justified price which can attract enough sales.

The key specifications include 3 GB of RAM for smooth and fluent performance with 2 USB ports for multiple device connectivity.

A new Nvidia Tegra X1 chip has also been added which becomes another highlight followed by 16 GB of onboard storage.

According to the news Amazon had planned to live this product on the 28th of October and there are some major spoilers that may affect the interest over launch event.

There are rumors that the new processor of the upcoming Nvidia Shield TV Streaming system will be25 % faster than the previous version which will be another plus point of this.

Sales of Nvidia Shield TV Streaming system will be live on the 28th of October on Amazon and hopefully with no further leaks.

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