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OnePlus TV is finally here

OnePlus TV is finally here

Here is OnePlus TV which has been finally launched by the company after weeks of suspense, rumors, and leaks. The company done official announcement by tweeting the pictures and specifications of TV.

OnePlus TV comes with a 55-inch QLED display which was known earlier via some leaks and news, and the highlighted part is TV comes with sleek minimalist design and almost bezel-less screen which is just stunning and amazing.

According to the news and tweet, OnePlus TV will be coming with quantum dot color and it will be supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10+, the exact list of technical specifications is yet to be open by OnePlus.

The TV also has 50-Watt and eight-speaker setup with awesome sound experience and comes with Dolby Sound Atoms support which will take this TV to the next level.

OnePlus also posted a video on Twitter which acts like a trailer and not all the information has been displayed. But with some video clips, it looks like that there is going to be smart and intelligent integration of OnePlus TV and OnePlus smartphones as there were many parts in the video showing the smartphones too.

OnePlus TV will be a smart TV powered by Android and Oxygen OS, the company has always known its speed and performance and hence you can expect a fast and efficient performance of the TV.

Highlights about OnePlus TV

The biggest highlight is the design of this TV; it doesn’t look like something in the league and looks way different than the normal smart TV in the market. It looks slim, thin yet attractive. The design level was not matched with Samsung and LG but OnePlus does deserve a round of applause for its first attempt.

The software is based on Android TV and OnePlus TV will be compatible with both Google voice Assistant and Alexa. Also, there are many advanced features which will be controlled via the OnePlus connect phone app.

OnePlus TV Dolby Atoms sound

The 55-inch QLED display is the main highlight which comes with Dolby Atoms for efficient performance and also supports HDR+

This is a great step by OnePlus as from competing in smartphones segment with Samsung and Apple; the company has also raised tough competition in the industry of smart TV also.

For now, OnePlus TV has been launched in India only but shortly the TV will be launched in the USA and other premium markets. India is a very good market for OnePlus smartphones and the Company is trying to take advantage of that market base.

“We are also working hard to launch OnePlus TV in China, America and other regions and the TV will be launched soon”, said Lau said.

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