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 We do not promote any brand, company, manufacturer or firm. “Techolla” is an independent website which provides honest and true news without any partiality.

 The information and specifications that we update or provide can be different from the exact one because some information’s and specifications of the products are collected from the internet.

 The news and reviews that we update are 100% real, true and original and if the same content is found copied to any other website that “Techolla” hold the complete authority to raise the voice against it and file for a copyright claim.

 We respect and understand the privacy of everyone and hence all the information about our visitors, readers and daily news subscribers are kept private. “Techolla” will never leak the personal information about the readers unless and until there is some kind of emergency or governmental issues.

 The news about any brand and reviews about any brand which we do are just done to provide the information to our readers we do not provide or hold any guarantee to those products. Also in case of any problem to those devices kindly visit the manufacturer or service providers rather than complaining to us.

 We do not store any information’s about our readers like date, time and location. We just store the comments made by our readers as those comments help us in improving our self.

 The design, logo and other display part has been designed by us and we hold the copyright for this and the images that we use in out content has been approved by the companies and manufacturers from which we are having tie-up.

 In case of any false comment which harm someone reputation or which says anything against to the website than “Techolla” holds all the rights to ban that specific person and the official’s of the website can also raise a complaint against the person.

 In case of any spam comment and irrelevant comments which found to be placed in the comment section than the website will immediately ban it as no spam comment is allowed in the comment box.

 If you find any problem in the news or any false statement about any product which doesn’t seem to be appropriate than you can contact us via contact us page and we will get back to you soon.

 The content that we upload is 100% unique and genuine and we take guarantee of it but somehow there can be questions on originality of it as sometimes the topics are taken from online sources.

 We don’t show any brand less or any brand big as we understand that every company and every manufacturer are fighting and giving their best but have been some brands which worked hard in past and successfully made good brand value and sometimes we do judge products on their
brand value as this also plays an important role in reviewing the products.

 Any kind of complains, suggestions are always welcomed and we do understand and respect your feelings. Kind send your precious words to this mail ID.

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