Redmi Note 7 Effect | Asus Zenfone Huge Price Cut.

After launch of Redmi note 7 the manufactures of all other smartphone are in big trouble as Redmi Note 7 has been launched with great value for money price tag.
The effect made by Redmi Note 7 is huge and has lead other manufacturers to cut down their prices and Asus made the first move over price cutting.
The reason Asus made the first move is because Asus is a manufacturer who is trying to establish itself in Indian market. Despite of having great performance and designs the brand value is very low and in this scenario Asus is not in a situation to do competition with Redmi note 7.

Is it a smart move by Asus?

The very first question that comes in minds of every consumer is it a smart move by Asus? And the answer is a big yes, it is a smart move as this will help Asus to drift more consumers towards it and it will also help Asus to improve the brand value.
Another question that comes in the mind is, does it will affect the company profits? And its answer is, it will and it will not. This means that company will surely be affected by the new pricing as the profit on one specific smartphone will be decreased but on other hand price cutting can lead to increase number of sales which means that Asus will not undergo losses. These are just some business strategies and a smart move by Asus.

Changes in Price of Asus-

The changes made by Asus in the smartphones are not based on offers and is not for just some period of time but actually Asus has made the permanent changes in the price.
New price list of Asus Zenfone Smartphones-
Zenfone Pro M1 – 3 GB|32 GB Rs 8,499
4 GB|64 GB Rs 10,499
6 GB|64 GB Rs 12,499

Zenfone Max Pro M2 – 3 GB|32 GB Rs 9,999
4 GB|64 GB Rs 11,999
6 GB|64 GB Rs 13,999

Zenfone 5Z- 6 GB|64 GB Rs 9,999
6 GB|128 GB Rs 11,999
8 GB|256 GB Rs 13,999

Zenfone Max M2- 3 GB|32 GB Rs 8,499
4 GB|64 GB Rs 10,499

Official announcement by Asus

This price cutting comes with official announcement by the manufactures that they are doing these changes permanently but none of them said anything about Redmi Note 7.
Either these things are made clear or not but deep inside everyone knows that Redmi Note 7 came with great value for money pricing and actually made other manufacturers helpless which left them with no options.


All these price cutting and other changes are market strategies and can be seen many often from now because now just Asus has reduced its pricing, the reactions and steps of other manufactures are yet to be noticed.
All the new prices has been applied and can be enjoyed on every online websites and also the phones can be purchased from official Asus website.

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