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With the brand new trailer release of world famous movie “Joker” the world is witnessing a brand new Trojan and virus with the same name. According to the cyber team and many other officials, the brand new Trojan Joker has affected more than 24 applications in the play store and the experts are saying that this Trojan steals the personal information from the smartphone user.

And hence the cyber team and experts has suggested to uninstall these applications as soon as possible as when the data from will be leaked then it will be too late to recover and protect anything.

We are sharing the list of those applications with exact specification so that you can check and come to right conclusion.

List of Applications needs to be uninstalled-

Beach Camera 4.2 APK- Very famous application which is used to click images with some filters. The application was last updated on August 27, 2019 and it was developed by Randall S Rhyant. The complete size of this application is 17.23 MB and it requires 4.0.3+ Android version to work. If you have this application then uninstalls it.

Mini Camera 1.0.2 APK- There is no doubt that why Trojan has targeted camera application much as getting the access is much easier as generally all these kind of application as for access to camera and gallery. With full size of 30.56 MB and android version required of 1.0.2 this application was last updated on July 30, 2019.

Certain Wallpaper 1.02 APK- This application has full size of 12.51 MB and it requires android version of 4.1+. It was developed by Kelli Mcllnay and it was last updated on July 29, 2019.

Reward Clean 1.1.6 APK- Remember those cleaning application which forcefully enters in your smartphone and simply does nothing. This is one of those applications which comes with full size of 25.17 MB and requires android version of 4.3+.

Age Face 1.1.2 APK- Here comes another face app with requires camera. From now onwards think twice before giving access to any camera app. The APK has 26.45 MB of complete size and runs over 5.0+ Android.

Altar Message 1.5 APK- Here comes messaging application which means your personal messages can also be altered and compromised. The application runs of 4.1+ Android version and requires 8.39 of space. It was lastly updated on August 8, 2019

Soby Camera 1.0.1 APK- We suggests you to uninstall every single camera APK or withdraw your given access to them. This APK runs over 4.2+ Android system and requires 30.52 of space.

Declare Message 10.02- Another messaging application in the list; the things are looking for terrible now. This APK covers 13.44 MB of space and runs over Android 4.4+, it was developed by Constance WYNN LLC and lastly updated on July 30, 2019.

Leaf Face Scanner 1.0.3- The funny thing about this APK is, it is used to unlock smartphones and application with your face and the Joker Trojan is leaking the data through it. This application parks 20.61 MB of space and runs over 4.1+ Android.

Board Picture editing 1.1.2 APK- This picture editing application has been infected too though Trojan. This application cover space of 16.77 MB and requires android 4.6+ to function.

Great VPN 2.0 APK-  One of popular VPN application which was developed by Leylan Arista and it was last updated on August 19,2019.Only its Version 2.0 is affected with the Virus. This application requires space of 8.31 MB and runs on Android 4.0.3+.

Print Plan scan 1.03 APK- The only application in the list which is almost unpredictable to guess for anyone, a plant scanner. The application helps in knowing the bread and other information about the plants that you are scanning. The APK runs over 4.0.3+ Android and cover file size of 10.03 MB and cover file size of 10.03 MB

The issue has not been turned out to be very serious but prevention is always better than cure as uninstalling these applications and any related application to these should be removed and uninstalled as soon as possible.

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