Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is the best android smartwatch?

Samsung Galaxy Active 2, the best android smartwatch?

Just after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Active 2, there have been many reviews about this smartwatch, we have examined every angle and every point that the Android smartwatch should have and we are sharing the same today.

After the success of Apple’s smartwatch which only integrates with the iPhone, there were many questions that Android users should also have this kind of smartwatch that needs to be priced lower than Apple smartwatch.

And then Samsung launched its smartwatch series Galaxy Active which gained many limelights and was a good option to Apple smartwatch but still there were some limitations which were stopping it from becoming a rival.

Well, we can say that Samsung has filled those differences in Samsung Galaxy Active 2 but still, this smartwatch is not equally good as Apple smartwatch.

But in the price range of $249 of basic Active 2 this is a cheaper and an alternative to the iOS smartwatch, Android users can enjoy the feel of a good smartwatch.

Although better and bigger Active 2 comes with some additional coast which is slightly more than the basic one, the major differences are the size of the screen which is 40mm to 44 mm.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2

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Good and Bad in Samsung Galaxy Active 2

The best thing that we found is the design of the smartwatch, the design doesn’t look similar to Apple’s smartwatch and after wearing this I felt that this is something new and different which feels great.

The touch sensor works smooth and fast which is another plus point, the bezel at corners gives uniqueness and adds up value to the overall look.

Users can enjoy offline Spotify which makes it idol for running and workout but there are no actual certifications of water-resistant. Although the smartwatch is water splash resistant which means it can tolerate some amount of water.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 comes with a decent battery life of 8 to 9 hours which also looks quite good but we still miss “Siri” in there. Bixby lacks in many points as the voice assistant still requires many improvements but we are expecting positive up-gradation of Bixby.

The most important and irritating demerit of this watch is that it requires a lot of Samsung applications to work which looks quite complicated and Samsung needs to work on it as soon as possible.

Another demerit that drifts Samsung Galaxy Active 2 in being a great smartwatch which is lack of good mapping skills and there is no solution to this thing for now.

Overall the performance of Active 2 makes it a great device and a great alternative, after using this smartwatch for one week I felt that this watch is comfortable and straps can be changed which helps in maintain a good look.

This watch got good software that works completely fine and the round design gives the feel of a wristwatch with applications opening in round shapes too.

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 is surely the best android smartphone for now in the market with almost zero competition and we are looking forward to more improvements in Active 3.

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