Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone: this will be called the next Samsung Folding

Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone
Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone

Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone: this will be called the next Samsung Folding

It is expected that Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone will launch in China in the month of November. It is a Smartphone with a folding screen with two ‘wings’ of the terminal. This year, without a doubt, this folding smartphone has been one of the great technological trends in the mobile sector along with the development of 5G networks.

Design of Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone

First of all, as we are familiar with that the design has a triple flexible and foldable screen which is capable of becoming a tablet and smartphone. When this smart is arrange, the screen is 7.3 inches and we can see a vertical camera in the back area of phone with three sensors. On the other hand, we do not like to have a selfie camera in the front, although that may mean that it is integrated into the screen itself.

Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone
Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone

On the other hand, in the back area, there is a USB-C type connection port although it does not have a headphone jack, something common in the latest smartphones in the market. Regarding its technical characteristics, the new device will include a 4,000 mAh battery with a 100-watt fast charge and will allow 5G connections. The W20 5G is the successor to the Samsung W2019.

Tiktok New Phone

The specifications for the new Samsung W20 5G have not yet been revealed. It is expected to have a Snapdragon 855 or a Snapdragon 855 plus chipset. It is also rumored that it has up to 512 Gigabytes of internal storage space.

The device uses an innovative hinge system so that it can be opened and closed like a book, changing the images or apps between the 4.6-inch outer screen and the inner -7.3-inch tablet type, with the ability to perform various tasks when Same time on the same screen. The Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone has a small screen on the outside and a large one on the inside.

The cameras of the Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone

Samsung gives a total of six cameras: three in the back, two in the front and one on the cover.

4G or 5G

Samsung W20 5G Foldable Smartphone will have settings for 4G and 5G, so you won’t be bound to 5G if you’re not interested in paying the extra cost for access to the 5G network.

Some other details about the Samsung W20 5G are: –

1. It is rumored that the phone has a perforated-style front camera like the S10 and S10 + devices.
2. The back of the phone will have a dual camera setup. We expect the second camera to be a depth detection camera or a wide angle lens.
3. The internal screen is expected to be made with the UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass) technology that Samsung is developing. Samsung’s Ultra Thin Glass is only 3% of the thickness of normal glasses used on smartphones.

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