Sigma’s tiny clicking machine open to pre-order at $1,900

Sigma fp full-frame mirror-less camera ready to pre-order at $1,900

Sigma’s smallest yet powerful gadget, Sigma fp is finally ready to jump in the market where the actual potential and capability will be tested.

The company claims that this is the smallest camera that can even get fitted in your pockets that will record and click images in 4K.

The design and size of Sigma fp make it’s completely different from other cameras in the market as there are many cameras with great specifications but they are a bit bulky and heavy.

And there this tiny yet powerful gadget will play its role by competing with the bulk camera despite being really small in size.

The actual dimension and weight of Sigma fp claimed by the company are 112.6 x 69.9 x 45.3 mm and 370g respectively.

After knowing the actual length and weight of this camera, I was just wow and wondered what it is really possible to have a camera of this size with so much capability? And yes comes the answer after knowing all the details of tiny, little clicking machine.

Although this camera comes with the compatibility of many accessories after adding them there will be some increment in weight.

Sigma has played wisely by not providing flash and many such basic components that can add weight to the device and hence they have successfully made a camera with this size.

Sigma fp

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Specifications of Sigma fp

This little clicking machine will come at the pricing of $1,900 which seems to be nice and pocket-friendly pricing but does it really justifies its cost or not that will be disclosed incomplete review of this camera.

Sigma fp is full of a mirror-less camera that allows it to capture clear images without any internal disturbances.

This is an “L” mount camera which means this will be compatible with all lenses of other brands also. For example, if you are looking for any lightweight camera and you already have a Panasonics Lens than you can easily attach that lens to this camera. Sigma fp is compatible with all other brand’s lenses like Leica, Panasonic, Sony, and Sigma itself.

This camera also comes with an HDMI port and according to the company, it supports all external accessories like LED flash, a mic, headphone, and remote shutter. After adding these accessories there will be some changes in dimensions and weights.

This pocketable camera allows any external lenses and any external accessories which makes it a great call for any photographer as this can be a great primary and secondary which can be used by all the photographers and all other people.

Sigma fp supports an ISO range of 100 to 25600 and it has 49 autofocus systems delivering videos at 4K and also has electronic image stabilization.

It has a 3.2-inch touch screen and many internal settings like autofocus and manual focus but with limited physical control, there can be some problems for some users as it can take time to understand the nature of this automated tiny camera.

At the price range of $1,900, this is a great call, users can pre-order it now and shipping will be staring from the 25th of October.

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