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Spotify integration with Siri and new Apple TV app

Spotify launched an integration with Siri, supporting other Apple devices as well.

Spotify launched a new feature with the integration of Siri, users of Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad will be able to control the music with their voice commands.

Apple’s Siri, the personal assistant already holds many responsibilities and does many things in Apple devices and not Siri can handle your music too.

With the latest iOS 13 update, the developers have made this possible, this will turn out to be a very useful and important feature especially when you will be busy in something else.

The features very simply, users just have to command Siri by mentioning the track of the music you want to listen and Siri will come up with the match and result.

This announcement makes Apple Music and Spotify stood on one platform and this can be a good call from Apple.

Users can access the feature from today itself as the feature has been made publically today, try by saying Siri play, “your Song name” and enjoy the music.

This feature turned out to be very useful as you can create your own playlist in Spotify and can access it just with your voice commands.

While driving this voice assistant integration will help you to play your favorite sons on Spotify while being on a road trip of going to the office.

Spotify new update

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 Apple TV app by Spotify

Apart from voice command integration, Spotify has also launched Apple TV application which looks quite similar to other TV applications of Spotify like Roku and others.

The application is available from today on Apple stores from which users can download it all over the US.

Also, Spotify made accouchements to redesign its iPad application for better access as there are some issues due to the large screen. Spotify will launch a special iOS application for iPad users as there were some minor issues which have been taken seriously by Spotify

We have not used the new feature over Macbook and other Apple laptops but they will also have this new feature but there are very few who will actually use the feature over Macbook.

You can now ask Siri to play your choice of music on any iOS and iPadOS devices via Spotify

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