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Apple’s Vice President of Communication, Steve Dowling leaving the company

Apple’s Head of communication, Steve Dowling is leaving the company

Steve Dowling who served the company from the last 16 years and being the director of corporate public relations at Apple for last 5 years is finally taking a break and leaving the company.

The company crossed many changing phases and faced many problems and all was seen by Steve Dowling. From the death of iconic founder Steve Jobs to first-year handling of CEO Tim Cook, Dowling was everywhere standing to support the company.

After staying down of CEO of Disney from the chair of Board of directors, Dowling leaving the company is another loss to Apple.

And the company has planned and lined up many events and new product launch in the coming months and Dowling leaving the company at this stage is really shocking.

Dowling itself wrote a memo and mentioned the reason that “it’s time for a break, it’s time to leave”. And handed the power to Phill saying that he will be handling all the things in absence of him.

After organizing and being part of successful launch event which held on 10th of September at California, Dowling said that we have successfully organized another big launch event and his team and other members are handling coming up things very efficiently and hence this is the time to step back.

Dowling also mentioned that this was a thing which was running in his mind from very past as he had already given his all to the company and he was planning to spend the coming time with his family. He will not be joining any other company and will only spend the time with his family and friends.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook with Apple VR Steve Dowling

Apple Statement over it

Apple did have faced many crisis and loss, from official rollouts at US government encryptions to going of Steve Smith and many more and Dowling was a very integral part of all these incidents and gave crucial support to the company.

The company gave a statement that Dowling has been an integral part of the company we don’t want him to leave as it will be very difficult to fill this empty space. But he also deserves to live his own life after giving all to the company.

Company will never forget the hard work and his dedication, Dowling gave his 16 years to the company and played his role in most significant moments. From app store to first iPhone, Dowling added value to the company.

After another successful event he finally decided to leave the company and enjoy coming with his family and he is leaving a tremendous legacy behind which will help Apple in going well in the future. We are thankful for his all contributions and we wish him all the best from his coming future.

Phil Schiller will handle the things for now and the company is considering any external and internal candidate to fill the empty space.


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