T-Mobile drifted themselves back from selling OnePlus 7 Pro

T-Mobile going to stop selling OnePlus 7 Pro

The US-based Telecommunication Company, T-Mobile is slowly removing OnePlus 7 Pro from its accounts and they have confirmed that they will not be selling OnePlus 7 Pro after clearing the available stocks.

The reason behind this big step is OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7 Pro is very much similar in specifications and they just differ in some minor specifications and have great price differences.

This leads to drift more customers towards OnePlus 7T and due to which sales of T-Mobile for OnePlus 7 Pro are dropping.

According to the latest report 7 Pro accounts only 1.3 % in the sales chart for T-Mobile and this will not make a major difference in the overall sales for the company.

OnePlus has haven’t released OnePlus 7T in the US and just before it T-Mobiles is drifting themselves out in sales of 7 Pro. This scenario will surely hit the sales of OnePlus as the US is a big market and T-Mobile is one of the largest distributors for them.

T-Mobile will not sell OnePlus 7 pro

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Why T-Mobile is doing so?

We tried to find OnePlus 7 Pro on the page of the company but we were unable to do as it seems like the company is already not interested in selling that.

On finding the reason behind this we come to the conclusion that OnePlus 7T which is going to be released in the US soon seems to be a better deal over 7 Pro and more customers will drift from 7 Pro to 7T which will surely affect the sales of T-Mobile.

And on account of this, the company has taken this decision to take back their hands from selling 7 Pro anymore.

This does sounds meaningful and practical as this is pretty obvious if users and customers of OnePlus will find that both the models of these smartphones have almost similar features and they can get 7T at a lower price than they will definitely go for 7T.

Every year OnePlus launched its smartphone two times, the first session comes with updated version of last year’s model and after that, in second session a more updated version is launched with a tag of “T”.

This is a great marketing strategy by OnePlus but this is disappointing news that T-Mobile is taking them away with 7 Pro.

Users cannot even search the nearby store on searching for OnePlus 7 Pro at T-Mobile, they can only avail of the limited stocks from the online website.

There will be many customers who will be still interested in buying OnePlus 7 Pro but they have to make some efforts and find the stores by themselves.

We are eagerly looking forward to the solution and reply from OnePlus on this, till then stay updated with for latest updates over this scenario.

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