The all new Samsung Galaxy Fold which is wearable on wrist.

samsung galaxy fold
samsung galaxy fold

Samsung is taking the smartphone technology with the announcement of all new Samsung Galaxy Fold which has been launched with infinity flex display which is foldable and can be wearable on wrist.
This is an amazing concept and has never been introduced by any other brand. Pre booking for this smartphone will be started lately in this month in US and UK.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Price

Pricing of this amazing foldable smartphone by Samsung is expected to be around $2000, obviously its high and the reason is its foldable display.
The amazing part about this smartphone is that one can fold it on the wrist just like a wrist watch and when you want to use it just detach it.
The main highlight of this foldable smartphone is its display and Samsung has given its special attention in making foldable display flexible and durable.

Display of Samsung Galaxy Fold

The display of this kind of concepts needs to be very durable because this allows the consumers to be lenient with the display.
Galaxy Fold has flexible OLED display and Samsung has named the phone as Infinity Flex which means a smartphone with infinity display which is foldable but this smartphone will bend in one direction only.
Infinity Flex has magnets all around the body to make griping around the wrist which can prevent the smartphone from falling.
Being a foldable device Samsung has not done any kind of compromise with the display quality as still the phone has Infinity display which is really a good task by Samsung. Check- Vivo V15

Samsung Galaxy Fold Design

The design has been taken from Nokia’s concept gadget Morph which was introduced 2008 but somehow was not able to come with the launch. And now same concept based design has been launched by the Samsung.
For durability Samsung has installed a small segment at the top which is not foldable which contain dual camera lenses and single SIM tray.
The other part of the phone contains drifting small chassis which lets the smartphone to drift into little parts and eventually result’s is bending the phone.
This is a futuristic design and seems impossible at first as we have seen these kinds of technologies in Hollywood movies only but this is real. We can expect more such futuristic devices in future. Samsung Galaxy Fold release date – 26 April 2019


Things are not very clear for Samsung galaxy Infinity Flex but this looks very exciting as consumers will be amazed with this next generation smartphone.
Many say that the design has been copied by Nokia but Nokia just introduced the vision and Samsung is the one actually made it true.
Overall Infinity flex looks flawless; the design is really innovative and gives a premium look. Also the dual set off camera helps the smartphone to define its pricing and specifications.
But camera quality and display quality cannot be reviewed because this smartphone has not been launched yet and hence we all have to wait for the launch and then only complete review of Samsung Galaxy Infinity Flex will be out. Till than wait and enjoy more futuristic devices like flex.

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