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Google Launching new security features

Google launched three new ways to hide personal activity

Google is launching new features for more safety while web search, watching YouTube and looking for Google Maps.

The company has made the announcement that they will be rolling out three important security features this month which will give users more control and privacy while using Google.

The most important update will be incognito tab while using maps which will allow the users to look for places and destinations while not getting caught by anyone or just for their privacy.

According to a blog post written by Google’s Eric Miraglia, the new incognito mode in maps will help users to search for the places and the application will not save the history and will not use that as suggestions in the future.

This is indeed a good step by the company in terms of security and privacy as users will feel a whole new level of experience of using Google.

For Youtube, the company has introduced an auto-delete feature that will delete the past history or saved a video in the time duration that users will select. For example, you can choose slots like 3 months, 18 months or until you delete and this time duration will be noted by the app and the application will automatically delete the past history after the selected time duration.

Google new feature

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Miraglia also wrote that users just have to take care of the selected time duration and the rest of the things will be handled by us.

We don’t bother to delete anything from YouTube and it gets stored for a very long time which becomes an issue for the performance of the application and phone.

Getting clear all junk files and cache automatically is indeed a good step by the company as this will lead towards better performance of applications and smartphones.

Lastly Google Voice Assistant got a new feature to delete its recent voice commands just with another command without touching your phone opening assistant settings.

For this you just have to command by saying, “Hey Google, delete everything I said to you last week” or “Hey Google delete every voice command I said to you last week” and the voice assistant will itself clear all the data.

There is a limitation that doesn’t allow you to delete voice command history more than a week and for this, you still have to look into assistant setting.

According to the blog written by Miraglia Google Voice Assistant is smarter now and can give a detailed answer to questions like, “Hey Google, how do you keep my data safe?” and you will receive detailed answer about this.

Apart from this Google is also going to launch a new feature called “Password Checkup” which will help you to keep an eye upon your passwords. You can check for the places you are using the same passwords at multiple places and can keep an eye over all third party applications using your privacy and passwords.

All these fantastic sounding features will be launched in less than a month according to the blog post by Miraglia

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