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Twitch Streaming service finally arrives for iOS users

iOS users can now subscribe to Twitch Steamers

Yesterday, Twitch Steamers finally launched long-awaited subscription services for iOS with was earlier announced this year.

Users must have an iOS device and updated Twitch application and users can experience this all-new feature of Twitch Subscriptions.

This is most warming news today as earlier this looked like discrimination between iOS and Android as Android users are already enjoying the feature but and this has been introduced now by the company.

The reason that this feature was delayed is that Apple charges 30 % from any digital subscription media which is purchased by users through Apple Store which makes it difficult for any digital subscription company to add their app to Apple Store.

And the same was faced by Twitch Steamers which took too long for them to figure out this problem, either the company has to cut down its profit margin or share it with Apple.

This issue was raised by Twitch which made both the companies to look for a middle path and eventually there is some compromise from Apple’s side and some concession from Twitch.

Also, earlier the application was supposed to be released under $3 but due to the cut which Apple chargers the same application will coast around $5 exclusive of taxes from Apple Store.

Twitch Streamers

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How to subscribe to Twitch Steamers

The process if very simple yet a bit of complex as the company has not made direct access, to subscribe over iOS users first need to download the application which the company named “iOS Sub Tokens”.

And users will be charger $5.99 for one tier subscription and after buying these token, users can redeem it for one month of tier-one subscription.

The price for one month of subscription would have been lesser but due to Apple Commission the things somewhere turned wrong but in this price tag, this subscription looks justified and worth it.

Users are allowed to buy up to 12 tokens at single time which means that you can target for a year after buying the combo of 12, the company didn’t mention that users will be able to buy for Tier 2 or Tier 3 as well but if the system will be working like simple money than users can.

The company focused on the welcome party and hence there is a welcoming offer of $8.99 for which users can buy two tokens which looks great.

The arrival of Twitch Steamers looks like much relief for iOS users now.

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