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Uber starts helicopter service from NY to John F. Kennedy Airport

Uber expands its Helicopter service from NY to John F. Kennedy Airport for iPhone users 

After the successful launch of helicopter service in many cities, Uber has finally launched the services from lower Manhattan NY to John F. Kennedy Airport.

According to the latest update by Uber, users can now avail helicopter service to the airports to reach faster without any traffic.

The really expensive and posh ride which is meant to save time coasts around $200 to $250 depending on the slot you book and current booking traffic.

Uber is expanding its branches rapidly, after capturing the car taxi industry the company has come up with this unique way to reach the airport.

Trust me, you will reach the airport in no time with heavy style and swag but you have to reach the pickup station of Uber helipads as the chopper cannot pick you from home as taxies do.

The best you can do is pick an cab to reach the nearest Uber helicopter pickup station and then you can reach the airport in no time with the chopper.

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The reason that I have mentioned for iPhone users is that the application for Uber Helicopter is yet to be launched for Android users as according to the brand value of Apple the iPhone users are VIP customers and they can afford the chopper ride easily.

But Uber has mentioned that they are going to bring the service very soon for Android users too, breaking the stereotypes about iPhone the company should also refer to expensive Android phones like Note 10, Galaxy Fold and many others.

After Uber, there are many other companies that are offering shared and private helicopter rides between short destinations like Uber as they don’t them to rule the industry like its ruling in cabs.

Blade Urban Air Mobility is offering shared helicopter rides in less than $200 which is again a good thing for the customers. Users can book the slot in less than an hour before the takeoff and thankfully Android users are also welcomed in the ride.

Some time due to high traffic and rush hour in NY Uber application shows around $100 which is way more expensive than the normal ride and there are many people who value time more than money and for them paying $100 and getting stuck in traffic will be way better than paying another $100 and flying away.

There are destinations that can be covered in less than 10 minutes by Uber Helicopters, do try it once.

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