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Latest Google Upcoming Google Pixel 4 XL Leaked Details

Google Pixel 4xl
Google Pixel 4xl

Hands-on Videos, 90 Hz display, Screen attention mode and many more on Upcoming Google Pixel 4 XL

Here comes some amazing and new leaked features for the upcoming beast from Google, the smartphone Google Pixel 4 XL which is scheduled to launch next month has come up with some new leaks and this leaked information portrays very positive and good image about Pixel 4 XL.

There have been many YouTube videos that you can find over the internet which discloses many features about Pixel 4 Xl which is supposed to launch next month.

Google Pixel 4xl
Google Pixel 4xl

They are mainly Vietnamese YouTuber who shared the images and specifications about the smartphone, also they said that coming Pixel 4 XL will have this new feature of shifting smooth display from 90Hz to 60Hz automatically which will also help the users to maximize the battery life of this smartphone.

Leaks from YouTube Videos

As mentioned above that these leaks have been witnessed through many YouTube channels and there was some really great information like the camera and other important features.

The first YouTube video disclosed about the design and pattern, according to the first video (which was uploaded on AnhEM TV) Pixel 4 Xl was in white color with black borders around it and the back will have triple camera set followed by LED flashlight. The back portion seems familiar as is resembles with iPhone 11 as both of the smartphones have triple camera set aligned in a square at back.

The first video also stated that Pixel 4XL will have a New Camera UI, the video didn’t give surety about other features of the phone but there are chances that Pixel 4 XL will have screen attention mode and Ambient EQ.

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The second video (uploaded on Duy Tham ) didn’t gave much information but there some early look of Google Pixel 4 XL. This video also showed the phone in same color and same design of the smartphone.

There were two things common in both the videos, firstly the design highly resembles with iPhone 11 and secondly, front camera was not working in both the videos. There can be many possibilities about leaks, either this leak and news is completely true or there can be chances that this smartphone was reviewed in its making or early stage.

We must have to wait from the official announcement from the manufactures as there are many possibilities of the situation.

The final video which was leaked (uploaded by Rabbit TV) this was the longest of them but sadly less informative. The video showed Pixel 4 XL in three different colors, white, black and coral and all with black borders. There was language barrier and hence there was not much information collected by after watching the video there has one thing came forward that Google Pixel 4 XL will come with Soli Radar Chip which is again just a guess.

The last video also showed up some captures by Pixel 4 XL and we are not sure that those images was actually clicked by Google Pixel 4 XL but the image showed some major improvements in the noght mode of the smartphone.

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