Utility is World’s best gaming engine?

Why is Utility World’s most popular game engine?

The success of Utility was no something random which was not noticed by anyone and it’s been almost 14 years that Utility spends in developing itself into a popular game engine.

When the company was founded in just an apartment no one ever imagined that this company is going to be biggest and most popular game engine.

The best what the company did for themselves was implementing the idea of making a platform to make games despite making games itself and this was the changing moment that came into the industry.

Now as I mentioned the statement, “Game Engine”, what does it mean? A game engine is a place and platform where any person or company can make their own while using already made and customized elements made by utility.

For example, if you are a game designer and you want to design a game-related with a forest then you can pick already animated and coded tress which can be implemented into your game. This will save you a lot of time and you can customize the picked elements according to your needs.

The concept was brought by Utility past in 2005 and that time the company didn’t get much of appreciation but the company knew that they are playing for the future and currently almost 50% of games around the globe are made up of Utility implementations.

Utility Game Engine

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History of Utility

The company had an emotional and very basic history; the company was started with a vision by Nicholas Francis, Joachim Ante, and David Helgason back in 2002 in an apartment.

Initially, the company focused on making games and they wanted to make good games and there was no idea of making a game engine.

This all started when Francis posted a requirement of Mac Developers like him as he wanted someone to work with him and Ante responded and they both collaborated and aimed towards making Mac developed games.

Later friend of Ante, Helgason joined them and dropped out of his college and started taking freelance projects of web development.

It was tough then to get funding but somehow they all managed with the addition of Ante’s father investment and some savings to these guys.

They made a Mac Developed game but the game didn’t receive that much attention as the game was too tough to play, later these guys understand that they are better in making elements used in games despite designing the vision of game.

And that was the time when they started with the company Utility and made a “Game Engine” and in current time Utility is the world’s most popular game engine as this is easy to use and great to implement.

The best part about the Utility game engine is that developers can find almost everything they want to add up.

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