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Microsoft’s Windows 10 November update is out for testers

Windows 10 upcoming update has been released for testers

According to the announcement made by the company itself, Windows 10 upcoming update which will be launched in the month of November 2019 is in its early stage and the right testers are checking for any bugs and any more improvements.

This update was deadly required as after devastation October update made in user’s computer Microsoft had to come up with a solution and here it comes, “Windows 10 upcoming update”.

According to the company, this will not be a major update and there are not many things which will be changed, they have just focused on minor corrections and quality enhancements.

Also, this update will not require something extra to be welcomed and installed, it will be easily updated and will not be much time-consuming.

The upcoming update is likely to work like an after-burn cream for the users who really got burnt after October update.

October update of Windows 10 received many internal problems like many bugs and files of many users were automatically deleted from the system and for this Microsoft took back the update and focused over the new updates and come with November 2019 update.

Windows 10 upcoming update

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Windows 10 upcoming update will welcome new voice assistants

Adding a new voice assistant in your systems is the main highlight of this update as many users are not happy with the performance of Cortana.

Google Voice Assistant can be the most welcomed voice assistant as Cortana doesn’t work much efficiently comparing to Google and Siri and hence the company has taken the decision to welcome some other voice assistant for customer satisfaction.

This is a good step from the user’s point of view but indeed a bad decision from the developer’s point of view and the reason is if the company would have come up with some major changes in Cortana then that would have been much appreciated.

But welcoming other voice assistants would kill Cortana as no one will ever think of using it again and Cortana will never able to compete in the field of Voice Assistants. Let’s see how Microsoft is going to put Cortana back in the game.

Users can easily follow the process of new updates after signing in into Windows insider; the company has provided ever details about the process step by step.

The complete details about Windows 10 upcoming update can be read on Microsoft’s website.

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