Google Voice Assistant in Microsoft’s Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One to have Google Voice Assistant support

The news has just arrived in the industry that Microsoft did a collaboration with Google to bring its voice assistant in Xbox one.

Xbox One is the latest gaming console by Microsoft which is widely used around the globe and with the attachment of Google Voice Assistant; this is going to be something over the next level.

The Beta version has been released today and users can play games over their Xbox after downloading the latest Beta update and can also use Google Voice Assistant in it.

The benefit of releasing in Beta version is to look and judge the things and the company is briefly keeping an eye over how the things are going for them.

One important thing needs to be understood that Google Voice Assistant is not integrating into Xbox One gaming Console but the update is enabling a connection between these two. Users need to have a different device at their houses like Google Home or your Android Device then only you can launch the games and play or pause videos in Xbox.

Amazon Alexa is already integrated with Xbox and Google Voice is a new start for the company, the manufacturers are just making easy to open gaming console by subtracting the time consumed in opening the console manfully.


Xbox and Google voice Assistant

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How to start using Xbox with Google Assistant?

Users also need to join a group called Google Group that will help in getting access to the Google Assistant Support to operate Xbox One.

After that, the connection will attach via any device which supports Google Voice Assistant like Google Home or any other android device.

After that users have to set up for a new device with the help of Google Voice Assistant and the new device will be, “[Beta] Xbox”. Choose for this device from the list of products that you have and make a connection with it.

After following all these procedures you will successfully able to connect your console One with your Google Voice device and later users can also rename their Xbox like my console or my Xbox or any other name.

Then you just have to command your Google Device by saying, “Ok Google open my gaming console and launch this game”. Sounds cool right, this even feels cool while doing.

All the steps to installation, FAQ and all other queries about Beta version has been uploaded over here.

Now you can just sit over your couch and command to Alexa or Google and your Xbox will be opened just with your voice command.

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